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Knowledge is power when you’re researching a big-ticket item like a new deck. We have very frank conversations with our customers about the types of products available to the consumer, but nothing can be more persuasive than customer testimonials. This article speaks to the numerous complaints about Trex decking and their customer service. While we will install any product, our customers choose we try and educate them on why we use the products we do. This article isn’t bashing Trex because it’s a bad product, it’s more about how to manage it once it is installed and the issues customers have had when reaching out to their customer service. What good is a warranty if they very manufacturer will not cover the material or all of it for that matter. We use and work with Azek / Timbertech on a regular basis and while we have had zero callbacks for product issues I have firsthand knowledge they are there to help if something goes wrong and their product is so much easier to clean which is a big issue homeowners are faced with using Trex. If you are looking for a deck makeover, please let us know. Feel free to reach out to us in the contact form or by phone or text.