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Concrete-Related Services: Stamping, Driveway Installation & More

At KC Built, we offer a wide-variety of concrete-related services, including stamping, driveway installation, and more. Concrete stamping allows for an array of possibilities when it comes to driveways, pathways, and sidewalks. Stamped concrete is altered or shaped to resemble other construction materials. We can also re-pave your current driveway or even install a new one!

KC Build Lawn

Professional Landscaping to Help You Love Your Lawn Again

When it comes to professional landscaping, KC Built is prepared, skilled, and experienced. Our team is well-trained and ready to tackle every one of your landscape needs. With our attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction, we guarantee professionalism and expertise that will meet or exceed your expectations. If you’re interested in seeing examples of our previous work, we can provide them for your convenience. This is a great way for our customers to learn more about our style, materials, and equipment.

KC Build Spiral Staircases

We Install Spiral Staircases

KC Built installs spiral staircases in a quick and easy fashion. Spiral staircases make for unique commercial and residential applications. Our expert team works side-by-side with our customers to ensure their spiral staircases are not just accentuating their aesthetic well but are well-maintained also. Contact us today to learn more about how we install spiral staircases.

We Remodel & Finish Basements

At KC Built, we can remodel or finish your basement for you. As a general contractor, we are accustomed to working in wide open spaces and dealing with a variety of obstacles that commonly appear in a basement environment. We will ensure your basement meets all local building codes and standards.” Using the best industry techniques, we will remodel or finish your basement in an efficient and timely fashion.

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